Friday, January 23, 2015

Miss Kordelia~

Fuck am I SICK of that name! Doting over her like some stray puppy, Gray has looked even more pathetic lately. It's complete trash. I'm supposed to be the one hugging him while he cries! I'm supposed to be the one who lets him curl up next to me in bed when he has nightmares!

I'm the one who's supposed to give him the happiness and safety he deserves. ME ME ME.

The kid, fuck, Gray adores her. It fucking pisses me off. I'm not buying her whole charity giving loving mother play. It stinks like a pile of shit. So what, she drove all the fucking way to Maine from Las fucking Vegas just to go help Gray because she felt bad for us?

Cause her stupid anorexic asshole of a boss apparently gives a shit about us?

That's a new one.

I abide by her for now because she gives us food and seems to be keeping us alive and safe, and because Gray really does seem to love her. I don't want to deal with that idiotic kid's meltdown if I try and separate him from yet another protector. Though I have a feeling this one won't die so easy as the last.

So yeah, bitch witch, I know you're reading this blog, and I know we've yet to meet in person, but just know that I'm watching you. We may be going to Las Vegas with you but that is far from meaning either of us is your willing slave. If you try anything that could harm one single fucking hair on Gray's head I swear to God you will burn. Even He won't be able to save you. Trust me.

I'll probably be gone by the time you wake up since I'm sneaking out while the kid's asleep, but let this post stand to show that I am here and I don't like you.

And don't you fucking call him 'My Love'. He's my love. You don't get to take him from me. You will never take him from me.

Have a Great Day!

~ The Kor

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  1. Just where were you when he was freezing to death in the streets Kor. For something so close to him, I often forget you're there.